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What can ClassTag Leaders do on ClassTag?
What can ClassTag Leaders do on ClassTag?

Ways that ClassTag Leaders can manage their school effectively on ClassTag

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The ClassTag Leader role is designed for Principals and other Administrators, Technology Leaders, Parent Coordinators, PTA Leaders and Teacher Leaders to help them accomplish three goals: 

How can you become a ClassTag Leader and set up and manage the classes on ClassTag?

You can claim your school leadership by either signing up and claiming your school as a ClassTag Leader or being invited to be a ClassTag Leader by other ClassTag Leaders or Teachers.  

From your school dashboard you can add new classes, edit and delete classes, invite teachers and other school leaders to join.

Further details about this can be seen here.  

Please note that you can connect as many classrooms as you need to your school to keep everything organized, but you will be able to create multi-classroom announcements and activities only in up to 7 of the classrooms.

To unlock the power of ClassTag Connect specifically designed for schools and districts, please learn more here.

How can you monitor parent engagement?

As a ClassTag Leader on ClassTag basic plan, you can connect an unlimited number of classes, but can access only up to 7 classrooms where you are also invited as a co-teacher.

There are three places you would want to visit to have full understanding of parent engagement:

Home: This is where you see all announcements, class and school stories, and activities coming up in the next week.

Activities: This is where you see all activities currently scheduled for the class and which parents are participating.

Stats: This is where you see the level of parent engagement "Emerging", "Strong" or "Thriving" based on the family's participation status and usage of communications that are being sent and ClassTag platform itself. 

How can you share school stories?

Right from your school dashboard, you can click the "+" on the top right and send an announcement sharing school news, a quick update, or moments from your recent school event. These announcements are going to parents' inboxes and the same classroom feed on the home page. 

The best part is that you can select exactly which classrooms you want to send it to with a few clicks. Only 3rd grade? All school? Or only certain classrooms across grades? Once the announcement is sent, you can visit any of the classrooms you sent the announcement to in order to view it. 

More details can be found here

How can you visit all classrooms and set up schoolwide communications?

ClassTag's enterprise platform ClassTag Connect allows you to manage all your school enrollment and communications at your fingertips. You do not need to be added as a co-teacher to the classrooms in order to view them and can share schoolwide updates and much more with one click.

You can take a look at this quick overview video for ClassTag Connect explore more of these features in this collection of articles.

You can also download a pdf copy of the comparison between ClassTag and ClassTag Connect here.

Interested to learn more about ClassTag Connect? Please fill out this short form to inquire about the upgrade or reach out to

Launch Kit for Your School 

Looking to launch ClassTag in your school? This Launch Kit will set you up for success with tips and resources.


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