ClassTag Supply Lists allow you to create and share custom, shoppable, and printable supply lists with parents, co-teachers, and school leaders.

Why should I use ClassTag Supply Lists?

Not only are our Supply Lists user-friendly and integrated with ClassTag, but they also help your parents save on supplies while earning Rewards for your classroom.

Parents will be able to easily compare prices from top online retailers and be sure they get the right items that you requested.

How does it work?

It’s simple! Just create, approve, and share

Create a supply list from a pre-filled grade level template, customize it and share it with parents on ClassTag, social media, via email, or simply print it out to distribute.

1. Create a Supply List

Depending on when you joined ClassTag, you might already have a supply list in your classroom. Go to the supply list page to check the status - you'll be prompted to create or edit your list. 

Once you’ve created a list, you can add, remove, or modify it to fit your classroom needs. Collaborate with other teachers, add custom supplies, and set up reminders for parents to purchase items. 

2. Approve the Supply List

As you create and customize your list, the list status is "working on it” - all your edits are being saved automatically. Once the list is final, mark it as “ready” so that parents know the list is approved by you. 

You'll also receive additional ClassTag Coins for approving the list.

3. Share the Approved List

You are almost done! The last, and most important step is sharing your approved list. 

You can select one of the options in the panel on the right in order to share.

Where can parents shop the lists and is the supply list printable?

Our supply lists link to Amazon for easy checkout.

If parents prefer to shop in-store, our supply lists are conveniently printable, however, in-store shopping doesn't help earn any Rewards for your class.

How will ClassTag’s Supply Lists benefit my classroom?

ClassTag Supply Lists benefit your classroom by helping your parents save on supplies and by helping your class earn Rewards. 

When you use ClassTag Supply Lists, you’ll earn rewards by: 

  • Inviting co-teachers to join your school

  • Marking your list “ready” so parents can shop with confidence

  • Sharing your list with parents, teachers, and school leaders

  • you'll also receive Rewards when parents shop from the list


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