You’re seeing ads because your class participates in ClassTag Rewards, an innovative classroom support program.

Over 90% of all ClassTag teachers choose to participate in Rewards and enjoy the benefits of free supplies. 

How it works?

We partner with trusted family-friendly brands that donate ClassTag Coins to your class. Your can then use these special Coins to get free supplies for the classroom. Teachers can get anything from pens and wipes to software and technology, and even gift cards, for free. This can be massively helpful in reducing out-of-pocket expenses.

As part of the program, parents as well as yourself will see some ads in the ClassTag app, as well as receive an email with sponsored content approximately once a week.

Thanks to the sponsors, we donated over $3M in supplies to classrooms across the country, and hope to do even more this year!

We are committed to maintaining high quality and relevance of the content you are seeing, including special deals from sponsors (60% off and more!). Sponsors we partnered with in the past include HP, Penguin Random House, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and Clorox.

Our Rewards Program also helps keep ClassTag free for everyone in your class - other apps charge teachers almost $100 per year for similar service, for which they often pay out of pocket. 

Here's where you can learn more:
What's ClassTag Rewards?

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