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Why are there ads in my classroom?
Why are there ads in my classroom?

Introducing ClassTag plans available to teachers and leaders.

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You are seeing advertisements because you're currently using the free ClassTag plan. This plan gives you access to our complete parent-teacher communication solution, absolutely free. To keep ClassTag free, we established partnerships with respectable family-friendly brands that help fund free ClassTag licenses for millions. That way, we can remove the burden of paying for communication services from hard-working teachers.

How to remove advertising

There are two ways to remove sponsored content on ClassTag as an educator

  1. ClassTag Ad-free - for individual teachers

Enjoy a clean and distraction-free experience for you and your families. This license allows you to enjoy an ad-free experience across all devices in a chosen classroom for you and all class members, with a convenient, low monthly payment.

2. ClassTag Connect - for school and districts

Enjoy an ad-free experience across all classrooms within a school or district with your ultimate communications suite: ClassTag Connect.

ClassTag Connect allows you to reach families the way they want to be reached:

  • Seamless communication across your school community including classroom, school, and district

  • Emergency notifications are instantly routed to all contacts

  • Multi-channel reach: SMS, email, voice message, social media, and paper

  • Automatic translation into 100+ languages

  • Consistent district branding

To learn more or book a demo, click here.

Note: If you're a parent/guardian and your class is not on an ad-free plan, you can opt out of the ads by following the instructions here.

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