What is a ClassTag Adviser Coach?

ClassTag Adviser Coaches are active and knowledgeable ClassTag Advisers, who engage, help manage and support the FB community page periodically. 

There are five ClassTag Adviser Coaches selected bi-weekly from the ClassTag Advisers FB group, with the following responsibilities:

  • Generate constructive discussions around educating Advisers on best practices, product functionality and sharing resources to increase adoption of classtag
  • Support Advisers by answering questions, addressing concerns, and celebrating successes
  • Foster a positive community by providing authentic and personal interactions with Advisers
  • Play an active role in the Fb group by addressing Adviser issues with speed and efficiency

What are the perks of being an Adviser Coach?

For every 5 posts answered or created, that meets the requirements, 20 coins will be rewarded. You'll be expected to screenshot your comments & posts and upload it to your designated google drive folder. 

How long do I have to be an Adviser Coach?

Adviser Coaches stay in their role for two weeks. If an Adviser Coach feels it's not the best time to take the role, they can step down from the position or ask to be signed on another week.

How many Adviser Coaches will I be working with?

There are 3-5 coaches selected at a time, to ensure all posts are answered in a timely manner.  Each coach is expected to check FB periodically and privately messaging Danielle Nicole on FB messenger for any concerning issues or activity. Coaches receive coins based on their own contributions, so the more engaging and interactive a coach is, the more coins they will earn during each term. 

Tips and Tricks for being an Adviser Coach: 

  • Bookmark the ClassTag Help Center and use it as a resource for answering questions/concerns. Attach the article if necessary to the FB post so it helps clarify follow-up questions.
  • Use and save this folder for PD resources, flyers, webinars, etc to share with Advisers and look under "Files" on the FB group page
  • Be friendly, supportive, and accommodating! 
  • If you don’t know the answer to a question or concern, tag the post/comment @danielle nicole. This will help organize the post/comments and allow quick follow up.
  • Make sure your FB notification settings allow you to see all posts, so you have access to activity in the group.

Example Responses to an Adviser:

I want teachers to have access to my classroom, what should I do?

"Hi [Insert Adviser’s Name or tag them], I would be happy to help you. If you want to have a teacher in your school participate in your classroom, please add them as a co-teacher in your school. Go under your directory and next to your contact information you will see a plus sign. Click the plus sign and it will ask for the teacher’s email. If you would like to know more about what a co-teacher does, check out the article below to help you." 

This response above is friendly, simple and gives the adviser resource to reference!

I am unable to add a teacher to my school, help!

Hey [Insert Adviser’s Name or tag them], not to worry! If you are a ClassTag Leader at your school, go to the school's page and look for the button under teachers that says, "add teacher." Input their email and boom! You are done. If it says the email address already exists, send an email to danielle@classtag.com with the school's full name and address of the school as well as the email of the teacher you are trying to add." Let me know if you have any issues and how I can support moving forward. 

Although there wasn't an article attached to reference, the response gives the Adviser an additional resources in case she is unable to add the teacher to her school. 

HELP! I am unable to post events to by feed. What should I do?

Hey [Insert Adviser’s Name or tag them], thanks for reaching out about this issue! If you haven't done so already, refresh the page or the app and try again. If it still doesn't work, send an email to support@classtag.com. The support team will be able to look into it right away for you.

Sending a technical issue to the support team will get the issue fixed quicker. If it seems like an urgent issue, have the adviser write "URGENT" in the subject line of their email or message. 

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