Product Improvements

Meaningful product changes that result in increased benefits for users or the user experience. 

  • Notifications about new announcements/messages/comments will be delivered with shorter delays

  • Message content will no longer be blocked by the mobile keyboard. The input window is now larger and continues to expand with additional text, which makes it easier to review entered message content

  • A user will have a visual indicator if they are not connected to the internet  

  • Improved language translations in emails

  • Additional classrooms are no longer selected by default on the 'create a school announcement' page 

  • Fixed 'Connected students’/’connected families' widget

  • Updated look/feel of some ‘buttons’ that were incorrectly styled or misaligned

Bug Fixes

A bug fix is a change to a product designed to resolve a programming bug/glitch.

  • The red tag on the top left of ‘announcements’ will be displayed only on those with a future (scheduled) send time 

  • Edits to the ‘class directory’ will not restore to default on the ‘class settings’ page

  • When a teacher deletes a conversation, the conversation group is also deleted

  • Previously, if a teacher deleted the conversation, but one of the conversation members replied via email, the conversation group would be re-created. Now the conversation group won't be created.

  • Teachers can now delete an additional family member from ‘User Profile’

  • Parents will now be able to edit co-parents

  • A user now has correct labeling of their role above their comments and inbox

  • Example:  If a school leader is also the parent of a student, their name will show in classroom communication vs the title of “Leader”  

  • The ‘My Family” tab is no longer visible if the user is not a parent.   

  • ‘Approve’ and ‘Share’/’Share Now’ buttons on Supply List banner are now visible

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