Product Improvements
Meaningful product changes that result in increased benefits for users or the user experience

  • New messages in conversations (announcements, comments, etc.) and direct messages do not show as 'read' if the browser screen is minimized or the app is exited but not completely closed. The user will get notifications.

  • 'Offline' banner will no longer show on mobile at the top of a user’s account if there is no connection 

Bug Fixes
A change to a product designed to resolve a programming bug/glitch

  • Mobile app enhancement to ensure users receive push notifications 

  • If a user sends a message and then deletes the message after it is sent, the inbox page no longer times out

  • Improved access to the ClassTag app from a phone home screen or by opening a link to ClassTag. Prior to the fix, some users received an error message saying that the page had failed to load 

  • Under the 'Directory' page, an invited co-teacher will show up as removed if removed by the classroom teacher

  • The "Assign to..." button is re-aligned and properly formatted on the class settings page

  • Multiple direct messages are sent more quickly and without an error message

  • A pdf from the iOS mobile app can be generated and downloaded successfully 

  • An invitation preview for a parent (both email & SMS) is displayed in the language chosen by the teacher 

  • When creating an ‘announcement’ and adding multiple classrooms, the checkbox is placed correctly

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