Product Improvements
Meaningful product changes that result in increased benefits for users or the user experience

  • Mobile users can turn off yellow bubble, at the bottom right of their screen the the 'Communications' tab in Account Settings. Previously the yellow bubble was interfering with certain features. The yellow bubble allows users to communicated with the ClassTag team

  • If a user attempts to send a message to a direct message conversation that has been deleted by a conversation participant, the user will receive a failure message

Bug Fixes
A change to a product designed to resolve a programming bug/glitch

  • Previously, a user was being logged out of his ClassTag account 30 days after his first visit in that browser or the mobile app.  This is fixed. Now the user is being logged out 30 days after his last visit in that browser or the mobile app.

  • A parent will no longer see parent-teacher conference sign-ups from other families in emails

  • A 1:1 message can be sent to all available contacts in direct messages

  • When a user resets their password and clicks on the link in their email to confirm, account access is permitted right away

  • Weekly newsletter will be delivered with shorter delays

  • 'Save' and 'cancel' buttons on the ‘edit supply list page’ on mobile is properly formatted and aligned 

  • "Assign to school’ button in ‘class page’ on mobile is properly formatted and aligned 

  • When a user clicks on ‘My Classes’ tab in ‘Profile Settings’ on mobile the class names are properly formatted and aligned 

  • When sending an ‘announcement’ the comment's text box height resets to default size after a comment is sent. 

  • ‘Exclamation icon’ on classroom tabs are properly formatted and aligned 

  • A parent can sign up for a 'to do item' after they have removed themselves or a co-parent from the request, without having to refresh the page

  • When a user clicks the 'claim school' button in his 'Your school has been added to ClassTag' email, their school will appear right away in the search bar

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