Product Improvements
Meaningful product changes that result in increased benefits for users or the user experience

  • Teachers are unable to edit other school teachers in the building, only co-teachers attached to their classroom.
  • Supply Lists are turned off for all existing classrooms. Teachers can turn this feature back on in ‘class settings.’

Bug Fixes
A change to a product designed to resolve a programming bug/glitch

  • Parents, who are allowed to send direct messages to other parents, can create new conversations with other parents in their classroom. A small number of users were unable to create a new direct message and were receiving the "you're not authorized" error when they tried to send a message.
  • The message box of an ‘announcement’ is now bigger allowing more text to be displayed.
  • The position of the navigation buttons for ‘create an announcement/activity’ are fixed on mobile.
  • Users have the option to "show less/continue reading" for pinned and unpinned announcement with a long description. 
  • An event's ‘item request’ with a future due date now calculates accurately on the class ‘stats’ page. Previously, a future due date was showing up as overdue in ‘stats’. 
  • When removing a user from an activity slot, the user icon is properly formatted and aligned.
  • The ‘Share ClassTag’ page can be exited within ClassTag by pressing the “x” button or arrow to the previous page. In the past, a user was unable to exit the page unless they pressed the back button on the web browser. 
  • The Intercom launcher [orange button at the bottom right] disappears on all ClassTag pages when turned off in account settings. 
  • When a teacher deletes timeslots from a parent-teacher conference, the timeslots are properly deleted.  In the past, only the last deleted timeslot actually disappeared, while other timeslots remained present. 
  • A green check mark appears next to the user icon when an item request is completed.
  • Flash messages, such as “your classroom has been successfully updated,” are formatted and aligned properly. 
  • The 'Back to Supply List' button on the supply list checkout view is now visible. In the past, it was not visible to users. 
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