Product Improvements
Meaningful product changes that result in increased benefits for users or the user experience

  • School leaders have a school setting to set permissions for teachers to create school-wide announcements and grade-wide announcements. School leaders can always create school-wide announcements. School teachers can create announcements depending on the school setting: all school, grade teams, or specific classrooms.

  • Teachers can only add 50 students to a classroom. The system begins to experience some problems if there are more than 50 students in a class. It causes delaying issues, which could cause the the app not to work optimally on users’ end.

  • Parents can reply privately to announcements and stories via a direct message by clicking a teacher's avatar in the announcement/story card and then choosing to start a new conversation (or continue an existing one.)

  • When a teacher requests a file (e.g. signup codes, message conversations, announcement), after the file is created, the link to the file is sent to the teacher's preferred credential.

  • The conversation list in ‘direct messages’ is automatically reloaded for all group members in the message, when a message is being deleted in real time.

Bug Fixes
A change to a product designed to resolve a programming bug/glitch

  • iOS 1.22.0 is in the Store

  • The ability to upload videos on iOS 13

  • Resolved the play video button glitch

  • Fixed the crash when closing out of video

  • Resolved the crash when typing a class story or a message

  • Crash resolved when a user shares ClassTag on social networks

  • Keyboard does not hide when ad refreshes

  • The video zoom button is hidden if it is blocking other buttons or is not needed when viewing a video.

  • A teacher can delete their ‘office hour’ period. Previously, the confirmation message quickly flashed and disappeared without saving.

  • Teachers are able to add up to 6 parents to one child through Spreadsheet.

  • Attachment thumbnails are properly formatted and visible in direct messages. Previously, thumbnails were disappearing when a user tried to attach files in a conversation.

  • When uploading a new avatar photo on a desktop, the photo orientation is properly formatted.

  • The orientation of a photo attachment in ‘direct messages’ is properly formatted.

  • As an iphone X user in direct messages, the position of message input does not overlap with previously sent messages in a conversation.

  • The upload avatar/cover modal is properly formatted and aligned.

  • 'User is already invited to school' error message will appear if a teacher or school leader tries to invite an existing teacher/school leader. Previously, there was no error message confusing users.

  • A mobile user can open the 'Terms of Use' link and continue using the mobile app directly after closing the link. Previously, the app would crash when trying to navigate back to the app.

  • A user can scroll up and down on their school page after inviting a teacher or school leader to their school.

  • Supporter ads are properly alighted and formatted.

  • The camera icon is visible on avatar illustrating the picture can be changed.

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