Product Improvements
Meaningful product changes that result in increased benefits for users or the user experience

  • Major improvements to conversation list and message loading speeds in ‘direct messages’

  • If any particular component crashes in ‘direct messages,’ an error message with a clickable link to contact support will appear. Everything else on the page continues to work. Previously, if something crashed on the page, the whole page would crash and a user couldn’t access conversations at all. 

  • Only the announcement creator or a school leader can edit an existing multi-classroom announcement.

  • Activity announcements can be turned off. "You've created an activity", "You've been signed up", "You've been unassigned", "Activity has been deleted" and the Signup Summary emails now belong to the Signup Notifications list in account settings. If you turn the list off, you won't receive any of these emails.’ 

  • Accepted/rejected emails, “Your school has been added to ClassTag” and “Status of Request to Add Your School on ClassTag” have clearer subjects lines. 

Bug Fixes
A change to a product designed to resolve a programming bug/glitch

  • If a teacher presses their browser back button when creating/editing in ‘parent-teacher conference,’ they will be prompted to save changes. 

  • If a class has 51+ students, a teacher can successfully update class settings

  • The ‘students added’ widget will not accept more than 50 students. Previously, the widget accepted more than the max amount of students (50). 

  • Search sсhool by zip code now works properly. Each school has 2 properties: address and zip code. Previously, only search by address worked.

  • The ‘shared story’ creator is properly formatted and alighted.

  • The school page picture on a school leader’s page is properly formatted and aligned.

  • The ‘edit user’ tab is properly formatted and aligned. 

  • The ‘weekly summary’ archive page is properly formatted and aligned. 

  • The ‘upload avatar/cover modal’ on mobile is properly formatted and aligned. 

  • The ‘supply list’ banner is properly formatted and aligned.

  • The ‘something went wrong’ banner is properly formatted and aligned. 

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