Product Improvements

Meaningful product changes that result in increased benefits for users or the user experience. 

  • Push notifications show the whole message/comment. Previously, users would have to click on the notification to view the whole message.

  • 1.23.0 iOS app is in the store

  • A teacher can edit/delete an announcement created by parent.

Bug Fixes

A change to a product designed to resolve a programming bug/glitch

  • Teachers can manually edit a timeslot on the Create/Edit PTC page. Previously, the page would crash. 

  • A teacher can add new timeslots for a PTC if the timeslots were just removed for the same time. 

  • "Signed in successfully" flash-message disappears automatically after login

  • Weekly summary page properly formatted and aligned on mobile app

  • Classroom cover page properly formatted and aligned on desktop 

  • Camera icon for user avatar is centered

  • Upload avatar/cover properly formatted and aligned

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