Product Improvements
Meaningful product changes that result in increased benefits for users or the user experience. 

  • Users can receive push notifications only, no emails/SMS. The new 'Push Only' button has been added in communication preference in ‘Account Settings.’ If a user selects it, they will not receive SMS/emails anymore, only push-notifications.

  • Users who select ‘None’ as notification method in ‘Account Settings’ will not receive ‘Bad Credentials’ banner. 

  • A teacher will not see the 'Class Settings' tab in archived classrooms, on mobile. Previously, the 'Class Settings' was active on mobile. Now it's not.

  • 1.23.2 Android app is in the store for 20% of users (the app will reload when you open it from the menu screen)

Bug Fixes
A bug fix is a change to a product designed to resolve a programming bug/glitch.

  • When a teacher creates a ‘Volunteer Request,’ the right time appears on the preview page. 

  • A user will see the correct orientation for images on the ‘Edit Activity’ page. 

  • A parent of two children in a class can assign a co-parent to a second ‘Parent-Teacher Conference’ time slot.  

  • A teacher can view the parents signed up for a ‘Parent-Teacher Conference’ in a single activity view. 

  • In a teacher’s class settings, ‘'This classroom is in California' check mark is grayed out if the class belongs to CA school. 

  • Teachers and school leaders will not see the 'Send Invites' button when sending invites on the ‘Share ClassTag’ page. Previously, the button didn't get disabled when the request was being sent.The 'Add New Class' button is properly formatted and aligned.

  • On mobile, the look of the 'Adding...' button when signing up for a single activity is properly formatted and aligned. 

  • The 'Mark Complete' checkbox is properly formatted and aligned. 

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