ClassTag Goods gives teachers the opportunity to claim physical items, like laminators, pencils, stickers. etc. that they can use in their classroom. Each item requires 'costs' a specific number of coins, shown below the item.

To claim an item on ClassTag Goods, please follow these steps:

1. Click the three lines on the upper left side.

2. Click "Goods".

3. Click “Rewards” on the left side panel to get to the item categories.

4. The Rewards page will show the list of item categories. Click the category and look for the item you prefer to claim or simply click “View all items”.

5. Click "Redeem".

6. Once “Redeemed”, the item will be added to your cart and show “Added to order.”

7. Click the “Cart” icon on the upper right.

8. Next, enter your shipping address by clicking the section shown in the picture below. You will need to do this the first time you redeem an item and when there is no shipping address added on your Account Settings.

9. Click the “Pick from School Address” drop-down to “Add a new address” (manual input) or to use the address of the school your account is linked to.

10. Click “Add Shipping Address”.

11. Click “Complete Order.”

12. A confirmation message will pop up once your order is completed.

Additional steps to check the status of your order.

1. From the pop-up window, click “See Your Upcoming Delivery” from the confirmation pop-up. Alternatively, you can also click “History" on the left-hand side panel.

2. Click the “Redemption” item to view its details.

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