Here at ClassTag, we understand that teachers need to get in touch with each other. Maybe you have a question to ask your co-teacher, or want to send a quick hello. Great news! ClassTag makes it now easier to communicate with your co-teachers who have a class on ClassTag and are connected to your school. Here's how:

1. Click the three lines on the upper left side.

2. Click your School's name.

3. Click the Messages icon on the upper right side.

4. Click “Create a new message” or the "Start Conversation" in the middle of the page.

5. The list of teachers will show up.

6. Choose the teacher's name you'd like to send your message to then click the "Create" button.

7. Type your message in the box and click the arrow blue button to send the message.

8. That's it! 😊

The next time you open the messages window, the message you've sent to your co-teacher and his/her reply will be seen on the left side, together with the messages you've sent to the parents in your class.


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