Communicating Remotely School-Wide

This step by step guide will walk school leaders through streamlining communications despite distance with staff and families.

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During school closures school leaders have the important job of effectively communicating and streamlining tools to ensure learning can continue. ClassTag offers a free, all-in-one solution to reach all parents and staff which is critical in establishing new procedures and communicating plans for remote learning. With just a few  clicks, your school van be virtually in session within ClassTag!

Watch this quick video or follow step-by-step guide below: 

Easily Communicate With Staff Members

Once all school leaders and teachers are added to the school page, you can send messages to any one staff member, a group, or all of the staff members by clicking on the blue message icon at the top right of the school page.  

As a ClassTag leader or teacher, you can: 

  • Message individual, multiple or all teachers & staff right from the school page

  • Access school leadership inbox right from the school page

  • Attach photos, videos and files

  • See read receipts on messages

  • Manage all inbox messages, including parents

PRO TIP: Make sure all teachers, staff members & leadership are connected to the school page. This will ensure all school staff members receive internal messages in real-time. 

Reach All Families 

Once all families are invited to join ClassTag (in their respective classrooms), they start receiving communications right away!  Even better, these communications are sent according to their preference (via email, SMS, apps or web) and are automatically translated into the language of their choice.  You can rest easy knowing that your families are receiving and understanding the content you share with them.  

In order to send a school-wide announcement, click on the orange action button in the top right of the school page. Once the announcement is sent, it will be pushed via email or SMS according to user's communication preference and be visible in relevant classrooms and the school page.

As a ClassTag leader or teacher, you can: 

  • Send announcements to the whole school or specific classrooms and grades 

  • Share announcements with attached files, photos, and videos

  • See read receipts on the school page

  • Schedule announcements to go out at a later date / time

  • Decide if email responses are allowed for a specific announcements

PRO TIP: When you paste a link to a YouTube of Vimeo video in the body of the announcement it would be automatically embedded to be viewed in line inside the announcement when posted. 

School-Wide Calendar

Setting up a school-wide calendar is very important in particular during school closing and times of uncertainty. Click on the orange action button in the top right of the school page to schedule school activities that should be reflected in each classroom and on each classroom’s weekly summary automatically. 

As a ClassTag leader or teacher you can:

  • Add ‘all day events’ such as school closings

  • Add specific activities happening school-wide: office hours, webinars, etc.

  • Link location to a webinar or a live streaming website

  • Attach files, video and links to the events

Remote learning in each classroom

ClassTag has many features to support teachers and families as they transition to remote learning.  Click here to visit our guide for teachers to remote learning with ClassTag.

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