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How can I post a School-Wide Announcement?
How can I post a School-Wide Announcement?

Step-by-step Instructions on how to send a school-wide Announcement

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As a ClassTag Leader, you have full control over your school and the classes connected to your school on ClassTag. This includes the ability to post an Announcement to each classroom. 

Please keep in mind that on the free ClassTag plan you can connect up to 7 classrooms to your school and can send announcements and events by visiting those classrooms from your school page. As ClassTag's basic plan is created specifically for teachers, ClassTag Leaders will also need to be teachers in these classrooms and then can visit them and set up multi-classroom announcements and events.

To fully unlock the power of ClassTag schoolwide, please inquire about upgrading to ClassTag Connect by filling out this short form here.

You can refer to a quick demo video below or a comparison flyer between ClassTag Connect and the basic plans.


When visiting any of the connected classrooms where you are also a teacher you will be able to send a multi-classroom announcement using the steps below just from the classroom level.


We know there are times when you need to send information to the entire school. As a school leader you may want to send a welcome message, inform everyone about a school event, or give a notice about a school closure. Instead of going to each class and posting the same Announcement, ClassTag now makes it easier to post a school-wide Announcement that displays on both your school page and each classroom page in just a few clicks!
Here’s how.

1. Log in on ClassTag.

2. Click the three lines on the upper left side

3. Click your school’s name.

4. You will be directed to your school’s Home Page.  
Pro Tip:  The blue banner at the top of the page is a visual indicator that you have landed on your school's home page.  

5. Click the plus key on the upper right side of the page.

6. Click “Announcement”.

7. Fill out the Announcement. Enter the (a) Title of the Announcement and (b) the message you want to send. If you prefer to send the Announcement on a future date and time, click the (c) “Add Send Time” button. You can also (d) add files, photos, or videos in your Announcement.

8. Click the button next to (a) “Announce School Wide”. Once it turns to green, (b) the list of grade levels below will disappear.

9. Click "Preview" to review the content of your Announcement. You have an option to allow parents to respond to the email notifications they will receive with this announcement.

  • If you select “Allow Email Replies”, the reply will be sent directly to you (or to whoever created the Announcement). The response will be sent in the conversation (or messages inbox) on the school page.

  • If you leave the box unchecked, parents will not be able to respond to the notification.

10. If you're ready to send the Announcement, click the "Send".

Sending the Announcement to a few classrooms only 

1. If you want to send the announcement to a few classrooms only, please use the “Send Announcement To” instead of “Announce School Wide”. 

2. Check the box next to the desired grade level

3. Click the drop-down arrow on the right side to choose the classes

4. Choose the classrooms per each level.

5. Click "Preview" to review the content of your Announcement then click the "Send" button on the next page once you're ready to send it.


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