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How do I send a message to a parent or group of parents?
How do I send a message to a parent or group of parents?

Step-by-step instructions showing how to send a direct message to parents or guardians that are a part of your classroom.

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SchoolStatus Connect is a great tool to communicate with your student's parents in real time. If you would like to send a message to a parent or a group of parents, please follow these steps.

1. In your School or Class page, click the message bubble icon.

2. Click Create New Message or Start Conversation.

3. Select the parent or parents you want to send the message to then click Create.

4. Type your message and hit the send button.

Note: If you need to attach a file, like a photo, document, or video, please click the paperclip icon on the lower left side next to your message!

That's it! You've sent a message! πŸ™Œ

If you have questions, please reach out to our awesome Support team at

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