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How can I share a Google document in my ClassTag classroom?
How can I share a Google document in my ClassTag classroom?

Sharing a Google Doc is easy in ClassTag

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As a Teacher, we know that there are some documents in your Google drive that you want to share with parents and students. ClassTag allows you to seamlessly attach a document from your Google drive in an Announcement, Story, or Activity.

The steps and images below walk you through how to share a document from Google drive by sending it as an Announcement. The steps are very similar when you want to send it via Share a Story or Activity.

Before following the steps below, please make sure that the document that you will be sharing from your Google drive has the "On - Anyone with the link" and "Can View" setting so that the parents will not need to log in on their Gmail account or create any Gmail account to access the document. Here's a sample screenshot of the sharing option:

Please follow these steps to share a document via Google Drive:

1. Once on your Home page, click the orange plus key on the upper right side of the page.

2. Choose "Announcement".

3. Fill out the "Title" and the "Message" then click "Connect to Google Drive to Attach files".

4. A pop-up window will appear asking you to sign in on your Gmail account.

Choose the correct Gmail account if you have multiple accounts. You may be asked to type in your Google password after picking the correct account.

5. Click allow finishing connecting your ClassTag account to Google.

6. Now you will see the "Attach a Google Document or Folder" option in your announcement. Click "Attach Google Drive Document".

7. Your Google drive will show up.

8. Type the title of the document that you want to share in the search box. As you begin typing the title, it will show you some search results. Click on the correct document.

9. You will now see at the bottom of your Announcement that the Google document is already attached.

10. Click "Preview".

11. Click "Send"

12. The next page will show the Announcement that was posted on your Home page with the document from your Google drive attached.


  • If you need to attach a Google folder (not a document), please click the Google folder only once to highlight the folder and then click the "Select" button on the lower left side. Clicking the folder twice will not attach the folder. It will just show the content of the folder. 

  • All documents uploaded via Google Drive will also be added in the "Library" with an option to filter these documents only.


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