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What is a ClassTag Certified Adviser?
What is a ClassTag Certified Adviser?
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ClassTag Certified Advisers are a premier group of passionate educators who offer their experience and leadership skills to Advisers and spread the word about ClassTag in their school and district community. They collect, organize and collaborate with Lead Advisers to make improvements to the product and program.

  • Foster and participate in an engaging community of Advisers in a Facebook community

  • Create professional development content for Advisers and Educator’s Lounge Facebook group

  • Attend virtual meet-ups lead by the ClassTag team and Lead Advisers

  • Participate and have the opportunity to lead ClassTag training and periodic webinars


  • Lead a professional development session at your school or within your district

  • Submit evidence to Lead Adviser of professional development session for review


  • Certified Adviser badge and share across social media platforms and personal pages

  • Network, lead and learn from an exclusive ClassTag community of advisers

  • Receive inside scoop on ClassTag company and product information

  • Opportunity to lead at ClassTag conferences and events

  • Create meaningful content for educators across the platform

  • Earn professional development credit

  • Become a Certified Adviser after learning a professional development session

  • ClassTag Swag and prizes

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