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How can I share a link to a page that parents can visit?
How can I share a link to a page that parents can visit?
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As a Teacher, we understand there are resources outside of SchoolStatus Connect you need parents to visit. A few examples are your school’s website, or a Google document or folder, or your Zoom meeting or Google Meet room. As long as it has a URL, you can easily share in your class on SchoolStatus Connect via the “Quick Links Dashboard.”

Here’s a quick video on how to use this new feature:

Adding a Quick Link

1. On your Class Home page, click on the Add Quick Link button right below your classroom’s banner.

2. Enter the Title and the URL of the link, then click the “Add” button.

3. The link will then appear on the left side of the Quick Link Dashboard. 

4. If you need to add more links, just click on the plus icon on the right side of the first link that you’ve added.

5. Here’s how it looks like when you added 5 Quick Links in your class.

Reordering your Quick Links

1. On your Home page, click the three dots of the Quick Link you want to reorder and then click “Edit”. For this example, we’re going to move the first link (Facebook page) as the last link (5th link).

2. Choose the box where you want to reorder the link then click “Update”. For this example, we’re going to click the 5th box.

3. The links will be reordered depending on the original position and the new position of the link that has been moved. For this example, since we moved the Facebook page from first position to last position, the other links were moved to the left. 

Removing a Quick Link

1. To remove a Quick Link, just click the three dots on the link and click “Delete”.

2. Click “Confirm” to proceed.


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