Bug Fixes
A bug fix is a change to a product designed to resolve a programming bug/glitch.

  • Students’ names are alphabetically sorted now when creating a new conversation.  

  • Users with the mobile app installed on an iPhone can now open attachments, even if the pdf file name has umlauts (e.g., “Gemüse”, “König”).

  • Teachers will no longer be able to select the 4th position when editing the Quick Links if only three links are attached.

  • Teachers can now create a group conversation when sending a message to other teachers from the School page. 

  • Adding less than five Quick Links looks good and properly arranged now.

  • When adding a parent in class Directory, the “Preview Message” will now show a single scroll bar.  

  • Parent’s email address will no longer overlap with another parent’s avatar when creating a Volunteer Request.

  • When creating an Announcement, the formatting (color, bulleted list, etc) will still be there when previewing the announcement and exporting it as a PDF (right click on the Preview page  > Print  > Save as PDF). 

  • A student that is part of multiple classrooms will now be listed only once on the Stats page.

  • When editing a Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC), teachers will now be able to edit the past timeslots.

  • Weekly Summary email will no longer show the html codes for rich texts for parents who are assigned to requests.  

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