Product Improvements

Meaningful product changes that result in increased benefits for users or the user experience.

  • Launched the “Student’s Backpack” which is a secure and an easy-to-access folder for teachers, co-teachers and parents to upload and view photos, videos, and files for their students. Connected teachers and any family members attached to that student's account have access to the folder. Student Backpack can be used to submit assignments throughout the year, collect student work for PTC or yearbook, post positive incentives earned by the student, keep a record of health forms, photo release forms, important documents, and more! Go to the “Library” tab and access each of your students’ folders by clicking on the “Students” folder.

Bug Fixes

A bug fix is a change to a product designed to resolve a programming bug/glitch.

  • Hyperlink text is now getting translated for weekly summary sign-ups.

  • Future-dated school-wide announcements should now only appear for School Leaders after it has been created and not to teachers. Teachers will only see the school-wide announcement on the school page only on the date/time that was set on the announcement.

  • Teachers will now see the student’s name in the conversation sidebar (right side), even if the conversation window was accessed from a different class or on the school page.

  • Events with no location will no longer show the “Location” field when previewing the Event.

  • When assigning a parent to a Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) slot, the “Assign” buttons on the other slots are now blocked.

  • Improved the validation when a teacher enters a value for the number of volunteers in an Event.

  • Users with unconfirmed email will not be able the sidebar in conversations.

  • Teachers can now edit the user’s credentials without adding the parent’s name.

  • A parent with a child in multiple classroom can now create a group conversation from the Student Profile, provided that the teacher of the class is allowing parents to start a conversation.

  • District Leaders can now approve or reject “join to school” on School Directory.

  • Improved the look of Reactions on Announcements

  • Teachers can now save the changes in Communications tab after changing the Office Hours Setting from on to off..

  • Removed the html codes that are showing in the email preview of an email app.

  • Fixed the look of the button on the directory page when adding the number of students. By default, teachers can no longer enter a number higher than 50 in a class directory.

  • Creating a Share a Story and sharing it with one parent only will not show the pin button.

  • Teachers can now add a parent to a student if the parent has been removed previously from a different student.

  • When a parent deletes a co-parent from the “My Family” page, the co-parent will be removed right away and no longer show up.

  • Fixed the look of the Stats page on tablets.

  • Some teachers were getting an error when trying to create and send a direct message. This has been fixed.

  • When sharing ClassTag, the page should now close when hitting the esc button on the keyboard.

  • The “pin” checkbox should remain selected when editing a pinned announcement.

  • Using a bulleted or a number list won’t show bigger font size and weight.

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