ClassTag Supply List allows you to create and share customized, shoppable, and printable supply lists with parents, co-teachers, and school leaders. Not only are our supply lists user-friendly and integrated with ClassTag, they also help your parents save on supplies and be sure they get the right items that you requested.

A few notes:

  • For teachers who belong to a school, supply lists are created for grade level. This means that any teacher whose class is the same grade can modify the supply list. Once modified, it will affect all the other classes of that same grade level.

  • Before approving the supply list for each grade level, it is important that all teachers of the same grade collaborate and decide which items are needed for their grade supply list.

To create your Supply List, please follow these steps:

1. Make sure that “Show the classroom supply list” is enabled in Class Settings. Don’t forget to click the “Update Class” button.

2. After enabling the “Show the classroom supply list” in Class Settings, click the “Home” button (1) on the left side and then click “Create” (2) near the Class Supply List.

3. Look for your grade level and click “Customize List”.

4. The suggested list is a pre-selected list of common items used by teachers who belong in each grade level. For this example, we’re going to use all the pre-selected list of items for Middle School Gr. 6-8.

5. Please review the list of items. If you’d like to REMOVE AN ITEM from the list, click the check icon.

6. Once done, the checkmark icon will show a plus orange icon that indicates that it is not listed in your Supply List.

7. If you need to ADD AN ITEM in the list, either scroll down towards the bottom of the list or you can also search for the item name.

8. Once you’ve found the item you want to add in your list, click the plus orange icon.

9. If the item you want to add isn’t listed in the search results, like the example below, you can ADD IT AS A CUSTOM ITEM. Make sure to (a) add a title of the item (b) add some notes (c) indicate the quantity (d) choose if it’s an optional or a required item (e) upload an image and finally (f) click on the “Add Custom Item” button.

10. When you’re done reviewing the list of items, click on the cart icon on the right-hand side of the search bar.

11. The summary of the items will be shown on the right-hand side. You can have a final review of the item by scrolling down to the list. On each icon, there is an option to (a) delete the list (b) update the quantity (c) change the item from being an option to required and vice-versa and (d) add a note. Please note that required item doesn't have a "required" label on the parent side. When you mark an item as "optional", it will show up as optional on the parent side.

12. If the list is ready, (a) add a title to your Supply List, (b) click the orange toggle bar to approve it, and (c) click “Save School Grade List”.

13. Once you approved your Supply List, you will see an “Approved” message and a green bar right below the title. This means that the parents will be able to see that your Supply List has been approved. From this page, please click the x icon on the upper right side.

14. Let’s now go back to your class and see how it looks. Click the three lines on the upper left side.

15. Click your class name.

16. On your Home page, the “Approved” will show up on your Class Supply List.


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