ClassTag encourages teachers in the same grade level to collaborate with each other and decide which items are needed in the grade level list. As a reminder, editing an approved supply list will affect other classes within the same grade level, so it’s important that all teachers are in sync with the changes.

To edit an approved supply list, please follow these steps.

1. On your Home page, click the “See the List” button on the upper right side.

2. Look for your class’ grade level and click “View and Share”.

3. From the list of items, click on the checked item you’d like to REMOVE FROM THE LIST.

4. Once removed, it will show a plus orange + button. It will also update the number showing on your cart (right side of the search bar).

5. If you need to ADD AN ITEM in the list, either scroll down at the bottom of the list or you can also search for the item name.

6. Once you’ve found the item, click the orange plus key.

7. If the item you want to add is not in the search results, you can ADD IT AS A CUSTOM ITEM. Please (a) add the title (b) add some notes (c) indicate the quantity (d) decide if it’s going to be an optional or a required item (e) upload an image and (f) click “Add Custom Item” button.

8. When you’re done adding or removing items in the list, click the orange cart icon on the right hand side of the search bar.

9. Finally, click on the “Save Grade List” button on the lower part then click the x button on the upper part of the page.

10. To go back to your class, click the three lines on the upper left side then click your class name.

That’s it! You have just edited an approved supply list!

REMINDER: The changes that you’ve made will apply to the Supply Lists of other classrooms within the same grade level.


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