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How can I add a Google Meet link when I send an Activity?
How can I add a Google Meet link when I send an Activity?

Instructions for adding Google Meet to an Activity

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SchoolStatus Connect understands a teacher's need to meet parents online and be able to ask them to join a video conference. Great news! It is now possible to add a Google Meet link when teachers create an Activity (Event, To-Do Item, Volunteer Request, and Parent-Teacher Conference). The parents can then click the link to join the online meeting.

In addition to being able to add a Google Meet link, the Activity will automatically get added to your calendar.

Here is how to do it:

1. From your class Home page, click the + key.

2. Choose an Activity.

3. Fill out the necessary info, like the title, details, location, date, and time. You can also click the Request Volunteers or Request Items buttons if needed.

4. If this is the first time you’re going to add a Google Meet link, you will be prompted to connect to Google Calendar first.

5. Select the correct Google account and click Allow.

6. On the lower part of the details, toggle the button on the right side of Google Meet. It will turn green.

5. Click Preview.

6. Review the details and click Done.

7. To ensure that parents will be notified about the Event, click the Announce button at the bottom part of the page.

8. Review the details of the Announcement and then click the dropdown option to either Send, Send Later or Preview.

9. Click Send on the next page.

When you and the parents view the Event on the Activities tab and click on it, they will see a link to the Google Meet that they can click on to join the call.

The event will also be added to your Calendar with the Google Meet link.

Google Meet for Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTC)

  • When adding Google Meet to Parent-Teacher Conference, it will look something similar to this while you're creating the conference.

  • When parents start to sign up, the parent will receive a calendar invite with the details of the conference and the link to Google Meet. The email looks like below:

  • When viewing the Parent-Teacher Conference on the teacher's end, you will see different and unique Google Meet links to join each conference.

  • It will also be added automatically to your Google calendar.


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