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Rollover your Classroom for a New Year
Rollover your Classroom for a New Year
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At the start of the new school year, teachers receive a new set of students and parents they need to work with and communicate with. To help you better organize your class on SchoolStatus Connect, we’ve prepared a checklist that you need to follow to roll over your classroom for a new year.

1. Graduate your old class

Graduating your old class means informing the parents that the previous school year is over and no additional content will be added to the classroom. The class will be hidden from your account and the parents. Don’t worry! You can still view the archived class if there’s a need to.

2. Create a new class

We encourage teachers to create a new class on SchoolStatus Connect at the start of each year. Using your old class and adding the new parents in that class would create a bit of confusion because the Announcements and Activities posted for the previous year are still there.

3. Add your new students and Invite Parents

When your new class list is available, start adding students and parents to your new class. Once the new parents’ email addresses and/or mobile numbers are added, the parents will receive a notification asking them to sign up for an account and join your class on SchoolStatus Connect.

4. Create an Announcement and send a Welcome Note to the parents

It’s a good idea to create an Announcement and post it in your class to welcome new parents. Here’s a sample Announcement that you can post in your class. When parents join your class on SchoolStatus Connect, this is the first thing that they’ll see.


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