ClassTag and UNICEF Kid Power® are excited to announce an empowering new back-to-school partnership that gives children (locally and globally) access to supplies and critical support. When parents purchase supplies for their child or child’s teacher (or donate funds to a teacher’s wish list) through ClassTag, parents unlock local impact that teachers and their students can redeem for family meals, medical supplies, and/or planted trees that benefit their local communities.

Teachers and parents can also sign up at, a free interactive platform where children can watch 150 physical activity and social-emotional learning videos (at school or home) and unlock even more local and global support, including therapeutic food for severely malnourished children around the world.

Here's how you can connect your UNICEF Kid Power account to ClassTag:

Locate your UNICEF Kid Power ID

1. Log in on your UNICEF Kid Power account here -

2. Click the "Kid Power Stats" on top of the page and scroll down to "Your Team Roster" to find your unique connection code. It's a 10 digit alpha-numeric code.

Connect your UNICEF Kid Power ID to ClassTag

1. Once you are in your class on ClassTag, click the "Class Settings.

2. Toggle the button on the right side of "Connect Your Kid Power ID". It will turn to green.

3. Enter your unique connection and click "Update Class".

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