Product Improvements

Meaningful product changes that result in increased benefits for users or the user experience.

  • Youtube videos will now play on the ClassTag mobile app instead of opening a new tab or the YouTube app (if installed on mobile device).

Bug Fixes

A bug fix is a change to a product designed to resolve a programming bug/glitch.

  • Fixed the wrong number of views on school-wide announcements.

  • Reworded the sign up page for parents after clicking an invite to make it clear that parents need to use their name and not their child’s name when they sign up.

  • Fixed the missing Google Meet links on Parent-Teacher Conferences.

  • Fixed the missing classrooms for some parents.

  • Copying from a spreadsheet, the system now recognizes different letter cases (e.g., “Harry Potter” and “harry potter”).

  • Fixed the double time slot shown on Parent-Teachers Conferences.

  • District Leaders should now have an option to choose “Someone else is a Teacher” when creating a class in a school where they are not listed under “ClassTag Leadership”.

  • Fixed missing messages on private conversations.

  • Fixed the broken image on some class avatars.

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