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How can I manage my district on ClassTag?
How can I manage my district on ClassTag?

Overview of the District page

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ClassTag makes it easier for District Leaders to manage their district and send communication to all schools. Whether you need to send an announcement to the entire district or just to a specific school, ClassTag has you covered.

First, let's look at the District page.

When you click the three lines on the upper left corner, your district name will show up.

You will easily know that you are looking at the District page when the banner on the top turns dark blue.

What You Will See On The District Page

Home Page

All district-wide Announcements will be shown here. We will discuss how to create a district-wide announcement in a separate article.

On the Home page, you can change the cover image and avatar of your district.

Changing your District’s Cover Image

1. Click the camera icon in the left corner.

2. Click Upload Cover.

3. Drag and drop the file to the box or click “click here” and look for the photo that is saved in your computer.

4. Click “Save”.

Changing your District’s Avatar

1. Hover your mouse over the avatar until you see the camera icon and then click on it.

2. Click “Upload Photo”

3. Drag and drop the file to the box or click “click here” and look for the photo that is saved in your computer.

4. Click “Save”.

You’ve just changed your District’s Cover Image and Avatar. Yay! 🙌

Schools Page

The “Schools” page contains all the schools connected to your district on ClassTag and its School Leaders.

Clicking on the school’s name will redirect you to that School’s page where you can invite school leaders or teachers to the school. You will have the same access as the school's ClassTag Leader.

You will easily notice that you are on a specific School’s page when you see that the banner on top has changed to light blue. For example, if I click on Saint Michael National High School, this is what will be seen:

The district name will also be added to the School page and clicking on it will redirect users to the District page.


Your District Settings page shows your District Name, District Address, and Timezone.

You can only update your district’s time zone. If there’s a need to edit the district name and address, please reach out to so we can make the change for you.

Ready to send your first district-wide Announcement? If so, please visit this article for instructions on how to do this.


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