ClassTag allows multiple users who can manage your District page to ensure that you have enough people to do the following:

  • streamline classroom, school, and district-wide communication

  • track and measure connection of individual families

  • easily onboard classes and schools

Before inviting any District Leader or District Staff, please review the table below that lists what each role can do:

District Leader

District Staff

Can invite a District Leader



Can invite District Staff



** Can create a District-wide Announcement



** Can create a District-wide Event



Has School Leader Access via School Dashboard for All Connected District Schools



** available only for ClassTag Connect Plan (Standard)

Adding a District Leader and District Staff can be done on the Directory page of your District Page.

To add a District Leader, please follow these steps:

1. Log in on ClassTag.

2. Click the three lines on the upper left side.

3. Click your district’s name.

4. To add a District Leader, click the "Directory" Tab, scroll to the “District Leadership” section then click “Add Another District Leader”.

5. Type in the District Leader’s email address and click "Enter".

6. To add District Staff, scroll down to "District Staff" and click “Add Another District Staff”.

7. Type in the District Staff's email address and click Enter.

An email invitation similar to below will be sent to the user asking him/her to create a ClassTag account and join your District.




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