ClassTag developed a new feature called ClassTag Chrome Extension that makes it so much easier for teachers to communicate with parents right within their Google Classroom. With the ClassTag Chrome extension, teachers can easily access their Google Classrooms and send messages to parents who were added in their ClassTag account without leaving Google Classroom.

Adding the ClassTag Chrome Extension

1. Download the ClassTag Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store.

2. Click “Add to Chrome.”

3. Review the permission that the extension needs to work, then click “Add extension” to approve.

4. Once installed, the ClassTag logo will appear on the upper right hand side.

Logging in on ClassTag Chrome Extension

There are two ways to log in on ClassTag Chrome Extension:

  1. Logging in using “Continue with Google".

  2. Logging in using your ClassTag account (email address and password will be asked).

Logging in using “Continue with Google”

1. Click the gray ClassTag log on the upper right hand side.

2. Click “Continue with Google”.

3. Click your email address.

4. A pop-up window will appear that shows the list of access that needs to be given to ClassTag. Click “Allow” to continue.

5. The next page will direct you to your Google Classroom page showing all your Google classes. The ClassTag logo will show its true color (no longer gray) that indicates that you’re logged in on ClassTag Chrome extension.

Logging in using your ClassTag account:

1. Click the gray ClassTag log on the upper right hand side.

2. Click "Log In".

3. Enter your email address and password, then click “Sign In”.

4. Once logged in, the list of your Google classrooms will show up.

NOTE: A Google class with a ClassTag logo on the right hand side means that the Google class has already been imported and synced on ClassTag.

4. Choose the correct class. If the Google classroom is already imported and synced on ClassTag, the conversation icon will appear on the upper right corner.

If the Google classroom isn’t imported yet on ClassTag, the “Add Guardians” icon will appear on the upper right corner.

We appreciate any feedback as we continue to improve this new feature and add more functionality to make communication with parents between ClassTag and Google Classroom more seamless. Please send your feedback and suggestions to


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