ClassTag has launched a new feature that will help teachers to communicate with parents on ClassTag right within their Google Classroom. With the ClassTag Chrome Extension, teachers can now easily start a conversation with their parents on ClassTag without leaving their Google Classroom.

This article will guide teachers on how to send a message to parents within Google Classroom using the ClassTag Chrome Extension:

1. Install the extension and log in by following the steps on this article.

2. Once logged in, the list of your Google classrooms will show up. A Google class with a ClassTag logo on the right-hand side, like the image below, means that the Google class has already been imported on ClassTag.

3. Choose the correct class.

4. If the Google classroom is already imported on ClassTag, the conversation icon will appear on the upper right corner.

NOTE: If the Google classroom isn’t imported yet on ClassTag, the “Add Guardians” icon will appear on the upper right corner. Please follow the instructions on this article first to import the Google Class to ClassTag.

5. Click the conversation icon that appears on the upper right corner.

6. The list of existing conversations will appear on the right side.

7. Click the parent’s name who is already part of an existing conversation.

8. Type your message and then click the blue box with a white arrow on the lower right corner.

9. If you want to send a message to a parent you haven’t sent any messages to before, click the plus key on the upper right side page.

10. The list of parents' names will appear.


  • When creating a new conversation, the list of parents who are present in your ClassTag Directory and are currently synced in your Google Classroom will show up. If there are missing parents for a specific student, please add them first in your ClassTag Directory page by following the steps in the Adding the Parents' Contact Info on ClassTag” section of this article.

  • If you have multiple Google Classrooms connected to ClassTag and want to message parents from other classrooms, please go to that specific classroom first, then open the Conversation window and then click the plus key to see the list of parents.

11. Click the box on the left side of the parent’s name then click “Create”.

12. Type your message and then click the blue box with a white arrow on the lower right corner.

13. After the message was sent, it will now be listed along with your other existing conversations.

14. When the parent sends a message, a red dot on the conversation icon on your Google class will appear.

15. Clicking on the conversation icon will show the list of all the existing conversations, with a blue circle and a number indicating an unread message.

16. Click on the conversation to read the parent’s message.


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