ClassTag provides an option to easily import their Google classroom to ClassTag using the ClassTag Chrome Extension. Please follow the step-by-step instructions below.

1. Install the extension and log in by following the steps on this article.

2. Once you logged in on Google Classroom, it will automatically connect to ClassTag.

3. After logging on ClassTag Chrome Extension, the list of your Google classrooms will show up. A Google class without a ClassTag logo on the right-hand side, like the image below, means that the Google class has not been imported yet on ClassTag. For this example, we’ll import the Google Classroom named “Mark Valencia’s First Grade Class” to ClassTag.

4. In Google Classroom, click the blue “Add Parents” ClassTag button. This will connect the classroom to your ClassTag account.

5. Select the correct School (if your ClassTag account is already connected to a School), Grade level and Timezone then click “Apply”.

6. Once it gets connected, the conversation icon on the upper right hand side will appear.

7. Click “People” on top of the page.

8. A note on the lower part of the page includes how to add the guardians. This needs to be done in your ClassTag Directory. Clicking on “ClassTag Directory” will automatically open another window and redirect you to that page.

9. Click “+ Add the first guardian”.

10. Enter the parent’s email address, choose the language and click “Send Invitation”.

11. The parent’s contact information will now be added in your Class Directory.

12. Continue doing step #9 to #11 for the other students.

13. When the parent joins your class on ClassTag, his/her name will show up on your Class Directory.

14. It will also show up on the lower part of the “People” tab of your Google classroom.


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