ClassTag understands that School Leaders need to send Announcements to parents and students in different ways depending on its importance and urgency.

ClassTag delivers communications to families where they are at based on their preferred languages with automated translation into over 100 languages and channels: email or SMS in addition to app, web and even paper that can be printed with one click.

ClassTag's enterprise version, ClassTag Connect, for schools and districts gives leaders additional important capabilities to ensure every family can be reached successfully.

ClassTag Connect offers four additional communication capabilities:

  1. Priority announcements or urgent communications that broadcast immediately to all available contacts

  2. Voice broadcasts or robocalling allowing voice messages to be sent to phone numbers

  3. Student broadcasts allowing leaders to engage students in broadcast communications in addition to families and staff

  4. Social sharing allowing the same content to be seamlessly delivered to your social channels

You can find more details about each of these features below. To inquire about an upgrade or to learn more about ClassTag Connect please visit this article.




Priority Announcements

Send important announcements with urgency and maximum reach

Priority Announcements are sent to all users instantaneously. Administrators can choose to override users’ do not disturb settings and communication preferences to ensure that critical messages reach all families.

Voice Broadcast

Contact families with phone calls that play pre-recorded messages

Voice Broadcasts are pre-recorded audio messages delivered as phone calls and part of a school-wide or district-wide announcement. ClassTag tracks real-time data on whether a message was delivered, started, and listened to completion.

Student Broadcast

Relay certain announcements to both students and families

Student Broadcasts are an option when sending announcements to include students in the communication. If enabled, Student Broadcasts will be delivered to student emails based on their Google Classroom or SIS credential.

Social Sharing

Publish announcements in your favorite social channels

Social Sharing is an optional method of sending school-wide and district-wide announcements. Educators can seamlessly produce and share ClassTag content on Twitter and Facebook.

This feature is available to Connect subscribers. For more information, contact


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