ClassTag launched a feature that allows parents to easily view the announcements and classwork that the teacher posted on their child’s Google classroom directly on ClassTag. Teachers that synced their Google Classroom with ClassTag can now allow their students’ parents to see their Google Classroom Stream and Classwork through the students’ backpacks on ClassTag. Parents can visit the “Google Classroom Parent Portal” to view these information.

Here's the comparison between ClassTag's Google Classroom Parent Portal and Google Classroom and what is being shared in each section.

ClassTag Google Classroom Parent Portal

Google Classroom

Content Shared



Messages that teachers sent to classroom



Assignments, Quizzes, etc.


Materials section is nested in Classwork tab

Google docs, pdf files, or any materials that the students need

Please note that if you do not see “Google Classroom” after clicking your child’s name, it means the teacher has not updated the permission to sync from Google Classroom yet.

How can parents view the Parent Portal?

1. On your child's class on ClassTag, click the "Library" tab.

2. Click “Backpacks”.

3. Click your child’s name.

4. Click “Google Classroom”.

Here are some screenshots of what is being shown on Google Classroom and what will show on Google Classroom Parent Portal on ClassTag.


Stream (Google Classroom)

Posts (Google Classroom Parent Portal)


Google Classroom

Google Classroom Parent Portal on ClassTag

Includes the following:

  • Title

  • Status: "Created", "Assigned" (if the classwork is assigned to just one or a few students), "Graded", "Turned In", and "Overdue"

  • Due Date

  • Grade (if it exists)


Google Classroom (nested under "Classwork" tab)

Google Classroom Parent Portal on ClassTag


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