Product Improvements

Meaningful product changes that result in increased benefits for users or user experience.

  • Started showing the teachers’ avatars on the checkout page when a parent contributes to a classroom.

  • School Activity Report which shows at-risk profiles and average read rate is now available for ClassTag Connect users.

  • Connection Health Report for ClassTag Connect users is renamed as Family Engagement Report. It now includes the average read rate of schools and classrooms.

  • ClassTag users can now archive messages.

  • ClassTag Connect Reports now exclude archived classrooms.

Bug Fixes

A bug fix is a change to a product designed to resolve a programming bug/glitch.

  • Fixed the scrollbar on the classroom contribution/subscription page.

  • Removed deleted teachers' names from the contribution checkout page.

  • Fixed the “Cancel” button on the contribution/subscription page.

  • Fixed the background color of the wish list page.

  • Fixed the bug that doesn’t allow users to remove a deleted item when it is added to the cart.

  • Fixed the multiple appearance of the same student in the guardian section when they are added to multiple classrooms.

  • Fixed the bug that removes an event from Google Calendar when the ClassTag Event is edited.

  • Fixed the Google Calendar names to show if it is for a volunteer or item request.

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