ClassTag Classroom Fund is a new, powerful way for teachers to get support and receive free supplies, resources, technology, and more.


As a teacher visiting ClassTag Goods, you'll go straight to your Classroom Fund Dashboard. This is your command center for all things contribution-related! Here you can:

  • Personalize the fund name and description - let your community know what makes your students awesome and why they deserve support

  • Set a contribution Goal ($) - let your contributors know how much funds you need to get the necessary supplies and equipment.

  • Set a thank you note - personalize a thank you note your contributors will receive

  • Share your Classroom Fund - share with your parents as an Announcement, or share publicly on social media or via email. Make sure your fund is public and findable - that way anyone online can see it and lend a helping hand. They don't even need a ClassTag account!

How to get to the Classroom Fund Dashboard?

1. Click the three lines on the upper left side.

2. Click on “Goods” to navigate to the ClassTag Goods section of the app.

3. You'll land on your Classroom Fund Dashboard page. Below is a sample Dashboard with the description and functions of each section.

a. Fund Description - description of what the funds are for so parents don’t get confused as to why they are being asked to contribute.

b. Goal - teachers can set a dollar amount from $100 to $10,000. Please note that you'll receive contributions as Coins in your Coins Bank. Each $1 equals 1000 Coins.

c. Wish List - if you created a Wish List on ClassTag, it will show up here.

d. Thank you note - the message the contributors will receive after completing a contribution transaction.

e. Sharing - share your goal with your Wish List to parents in your class via Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, or copy the shortened link. Your fund must be set to public and findable in your Communication Preferences in order to benefit from public contributions.

Receiving contributions

Parents in your classrooms can automatically see and contribute to your fund. To benefit from receiving contributions from other community members and the public, make sure to adjust your settings and make your Fund Public. That way, anyone will be able to contribute to your fund - even if you're not a ClassTag user.

How to redeem items?

Once you received a contribution, you can redeem educational items from the Catalog of hundreds of products!

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