ClassTag Connect Leaders and Teachers can send Announcements as phone calls to a user’s mobile or landline phone number. District Leaders can upload a pre-recorded audio file and attach it to an Announcement. Once uploaded, the system will trigger an automated phone call to all users within your district who have a phone number saved and play the recording as a call or leave it as a voice mail.

A couple of notes:

  • Users who only have an email address as their notification method will receive an email with the link to download the audio file.

  • Users who have both email address and mobile number will receive a call that will play the recording automatically.

We continue to improve this feature so we can allow users to record the message directly on the ClassTag App.

Please follow the steps below to create a Voice Broadcast Announcement.

1. Click the three lines on the upper-left side.

2. Click the District’s name.

3. Click the orange plus sign on the upper right side.

4. Click “Announcement”.

5. Type the title and the details of your announcement.

6. Toggle the “Voice Broadcast” button to turn it on.

7. You can then upload the recording by clicking “Click here.”

8. Your computer folders will open. Select the recording and then click “Open”.

9. The file will start to upload, it may take a few seconds depending on its size. Once it is complete, click “Preview.”

10. Click “Send.”

11. Voice Broadcast Announcements will look like this and will have this icon at the top.

NOTE: You can create a Priority Announcement which is also a Voice Broadcast, Student Broadcast, and/or Social Shared.


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