We are excited for you to share the joy of ClassTag with your colleagues and other educators. Everyone needs an effective tool to engage family, but sharing ClassTag also comes with exclusive benefits for you and for the educator you invited. Win-win!

Every referral of ClassTag unlocks one month of ClassTag Plus with beautiful custom themes for your digital community and other upgrades. The more educators you refer who sign up for ClassTag, the more months you gain. That easy!

How teachers can unlock ClassTag Plus from referrals

This is simple using the "Share ClassTag" button.

From there you will see the options to either "Invite fellow teachers to my school", or "Share with educators outside my school" or "Share with my administration".

Click on the box most appropriate for you. You can always return to this screen to complete multiple referrals of different types. We would certainly love it! :)

When you "Invite fellow teachers to your school" educators will be joining your school on ClassTag.

Invite teachers to join by copying and pasting their email addresses, send your unique invitation link, or use social media sharing options.

Please note: You can invite your administrator to join ClassTag if you are also a ClassTag Leader for your school in the directory tab on the school page or click the "Share with my administration" box on the referral page to share information about ClassTag schoolwide and districtwide plan - ClassTag Connect.

What happens after your referral signs up on ClassTag using your referral link?

You will receive an email similar to the one below that advises you that you have a successful referral and that a month of ClassTag Plus has been unlocked for you! Hooray!

How do you enable ClassTag Plus themes for your classrooms?

Now the fun part begins! You can head to your Classroom Settings tab to customize the look and feel of ClassTag with the beautiful custom themes. You can change them back and forth at any time.

How to apply a Theme in my class?

1. Go to your class.

2. Click “Settings.”

3. Click “ClassTag Plus Themes” at the bottom section.

4. Select a theme that you like.

5. Click “Save.”

6. The whole class now will see the new theme applied to it.

You can repeat the steps above to other classrooms if you have more than one and apply the same or different themes for each.

We will also launch “Communication Log” soon and many more exciting features which will be included in this ClassTag Plus subscription. We will keep you updated. Users that are already subscribed to ClassTag Plus will automatically get new features as they are released.

More questions? Please feel free to send us an email at support@classtag.com if you have any questions or feedback.

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