ClassTag now allows leaders and teachers to reuse Announcements they sent in the past and edit them. One of the most requested features in the past years.

This article will discuss how users can reuse past announcements, including all of its attachments, as the starting point of the new Announcement

NOTE: Announcements from an archived class can still be used. Please refer to this article on how to view your archived class.

Please follow these steps to reuse previously posted Announcements:

1. On the class Home page, search for the Announcement you’d like to reuse.

2. Click the gear icon.

3. Click “Reuse”.

4. Edit the Announcement, add contents if needed, or post it as it is. Dates and links may need to be updated.

5. Click “Preview.”

6. Click “Send.”

NOTE: If you’d like to post the Announcement to another classroom, please click “Include other classrooms”. Select which classroom to send the new announcement to. You can also unselect the current classroom if they don’t need to receive it anymore.


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