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What can parents see and do on ClassTag? (Mobile View)
What can parents see and do on ClassTag? (Mobile View)
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Parents just like you love ClassTag because it enables them to become partners in their child's education, catch magical day-to-day moments they would otherwise miss, and easily stay in the loop with all announcements, activities, and events for their child's school in one place.

Home Page

This is the best place to start your session on ClassTag. Here you will find announcements, pictures, and the week ahead with a summary of all upcoming activities.


The activities tab is where you can see all of the upcoming and past activities for your child's class. You'll see detailed information of events including the start and end date, times, and locations. We have included the ability for parents to see teacher requests for volunteers and items for these activities. There is even a place for parents to sign up for Parent-Teacher Conferences. Simply click on the available time slot to sign up and come back to change it at any time you need. You can also add to your personal calendar right from there.

For further information on how you can sign up for Activities, please refer to this article.


The Class Directory is where you’ll find a list of all the students in your child's class and the names of their parents. If the parent has chosen to share their contact information with other parents, you will see their email or mobile number. Please note that the teacher can enable and disable the ability for the parents to see the class directory.

As you are getting set up on ClassTag, it is great to upload the photo of yourself and your child so everyone gets to know you and invite any co-parents or guardians to your family to help them stay in the loop as well.


The library is where you can find class and event photos & videos, class files, and even upload your own files, photos, and videos to share with other members of the class. This is a great place to connect, share, and stay informed about the events and activities going on in the classroom.

You can communicate with teachers and parents using ClassTag's conversations. You can select to have a group or 1-1 conversation. All communications will go to your email inbox PLUS send a push notification on the mobile app. If you haven't seen the communication on ClassTag within 1 minute, it will send an email or SMS, depending on which communication method you set in your account settings.

Here are the steps to send a message to the teacher or parents.

1. To start a conversation, please click on the purple messaging icon.

2. Click on the “New Message” button.

3. Select the name/s of your recipients. If you want to create a group message and send it to everyone, please click on “Select All”.

4. Once you’ve selected the name(s) you want to send the message to click the “Create” button.

5. Type your message In the lower section then click the blue button on the right to send the message.

Download the app for iOS or Android to your phone or tablet.


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