Change Management: Teach the Skills
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Implementing new tools on your campus can cause some anxiety among staff. When your staff is feeling anxious, it's best practice to equip teachers with the right skills. Some staff may require more support than others.

Here are some tips and resources for equipping and supporting your staff!

Tip 1: Allow for more hands-on training and experience.

  • Utilize this staff training deck for your faculty PD.

  • Utilize the ClassTag demo classroom for practicing in a safe environment.

  • Schedule time to practice real-life examples.

Tip 2: Schedule a ClassTag Support Day.

  • Set up in the teacher's lounge for users to visit at their convenience.

  • Visit teachers during their conference period.

  • Utilize PLC time on a specific date.

Tip 3: Utilize teacher mentors.

  • Pair a thriving ClassTag teacher with one that needs additional support.

  • Create a staff classroom for sharing ideas, tips, and resources.

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