Change Management: Foster Motivation
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Introducing new tools on your campus may cause some resistance among your staff. Increase adoption among teachers when they feel hesitant by fostering motivation. Keep in mind, not all staff are motivated the same.

Here are some ideas and resources for motivating your staff!

Idea 1: Recognitions and Opportunities

  • Utilize these certificates for special shout outs.

  • Allow top users to lead professional development opportunities.

  • Ask a staff member to become an expert on one feature and share out with rest of staff.

Idea 2: Incentives and Privileges

  • Hold a raffle drawing for teachers who send at least one announcement that week.

  • Give a prize when teachers complete their ClassTag Bingo card.

  • Set schoolwide goals and host a staff celebration when goal is reached.

Incentives may include: gift cards, jeans pass, special snack or drink, extended lunch, extra conference period, special activity for their class, etc.

Idea 3: Personal Benefits - How will ClassTag help me?

  • Allow staff members to share out personal ClassTag success stories.

  • Go back to the ClassTag vision - Why ClassTag?

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