Change Management: Provide Resources
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Implementing a new tool on your campus may cause some frustration among your staff. Most often, this frustration is due to lack of certainty. When this is the case, provide resources to help your staff overcome roadblocks in a timely manner.

Here are some tips and resources for equipping and supporting your staff!

*Above image is taken from the Back-to-School Guide for Connect schools & districts.

Tip 1: Nominate a Campus Support Contact.

  • Make sure teachers know who they should contact on your campus if they have questions.

  • Set "Office Hours" each week for staff to come receive in-person support.

Tip 2: Utilize the ClassTag Support Widget and Help Articles.

  • Direct teachers to the in-product support features.

  • Share a direct link in your staff resources to the ClassTag help library.

  • Answer questions and share tutorials for your more frequently asked questions.

  • Encourage staff to help other staff members when a ClassTag question is posted.

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