Change Management: Build an Action Plan
Written by Jason Olim
Updated over a week ago

When you implement new tools on your campus, you risk an ineffective launch if your staff does not have a clear understanding of the product's expectations. When your staff is unsure how to proceed, they can become overwhelmed. It's best practice to create and share an action plan.

Here are some tips and resources for building and sharing a ClassTag action plan!

Tip 1: Set and model clear expectations for the whole school year.

  • How often should teachers communicate on ClassTag?

  • How do we minimize confusion with different available modes of communication?

  • When should staff make additional efforts/intervene to get parents more involved?

Tip 2: Chunk action items so teachers know what to focus on first.

  • Set weekly goals for your staff.

    • 100% teachers login to ClassTag by DATE

    • 90% teachers send first announcement by DATE

    • 90% families connected by DATE

Tip 3: Educate staff on the features available to them, cadence, and opportune time to use.

  • PTCS can be used for Welcome Calls, Parent-teacher Conferences, and office hours

  • Use Quick Links for frequently used websites for parents to access

  • Use Events to upload assessment and academic calendars

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