How do I rename Group Conversations?
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Teachers can now customize the name of group conversations with other teachers and parents to make it easier to distinguish what the group message is for. Please note that the Conversation Name will be visible to all recipients.

Please follow the steps below on how to name and rename a group conversation.

1. Click on the conversation bubble on the upper-right.

2. Open the conversion you want to name/rename.

3. Click the system-made title or current name.

4. Click the three dots.

5. Click “Edit.”

6. Type the name you want to use on the field (minimum of 2 characters and a maximum of 40). Special characters and emojis are allowed.

NOTE: When it's the first time the group conversation is being named, the field will be empty. Previously named conversations will automatically have their current name and cannot be deleted and saved until a new name is entered.

7. Click “Save”.

Once it is saved, the name at the top will immediately be updated.

NOTE: When recipients receive a notification sent to this conversation, the name currently saved at the time the notification is sent will be included in the email subject. Please see the sample email below.


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