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How do I stop receiving messages sent to a Conversation?
How do I stop receiving messages sent to a Conversation?
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School Leaders and Teachers can now stop parents from sending new messages to an existing conversation when its purpose is achieved. Parents/guardians will still have access to past messages but will not have an option to send a new one anymore.

This article will provide the steps on how to stop a private message thread.

1. Go to your classroom.

2. Click the conversation bubble on the upper right.

3. Open the conversation you want to stop.

4. Click the title.

5. Click the three dots.

6. Click “Stop.”

7. Keep or remove the check box on “Also archive this conversation for me” depending on whether you want to archive the conversation or not.

8. Click “Stop Conversation.”


  • Stopping the conversation doesn’t mean the parent/guardian is blocked. Depending on the “Parents can initiate conversations” setting, the parent may or may not be able to start a new conversation anymore. Please see this article to learn more about it.

  • You can always start a new conversation with the parent/guardian as usual.


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