School Leaders can now graduate/archive multiple students in one go. ClassTag is always finding ways to make it easier for all users and you can now graduate multiple students from the School Directory by following the improved and simpler steps below.

1. Go to your School page.

2. Go to the Directory.

3. Put a checkmark next to the students’ names.

Note: Using the search bar will remove the check from the students you previously marked. You can also put a check on “Select x families” if you want to archive all active students.

4. Once you have marked everyone that needs to be “graduated/archived”, scroll back at the top and click “Actions”.

5. Click “Archive”.

6. A confirmation box will appear. Click “Archive”.

7. A confirmation at the top will flash telling you how many students were graduated/archived.

All set! Graduated students’ families will no longer receive Schoolwide Announcements if they are not connected to any active students anymore.


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