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How do I create multiple classrooms and assign teachers in a single upload?
How do I create multiple classrooms and assign teachers in a single upload?
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District and School Leaders can upload a CSV file to create all classrooms in a school with teachers automatically connected.

This article will show you visual instructions on how to create the file and upload it on ClassTag.

File Format

Create a spreadsheet following the format in the sample image below. All columns are required to create the classroom and link it to the teacher but if you only want to create the classrooms, you're free to leave the teacherEmail column blank. Here is a sample spreadsheet.

  • title - the class name

  • grade - the grade level

  • teacherEmail - teacher’s email address

Steps To Upload

1. Click the Hamburger menu, click the School's name, and go to the Classrooms tab.

2. Click the ellipses on the upper right and click Create From a Spreadsheet.

3. Upload your CSV file or copy and paste the data from the spreadsheet.

Upload the CSV file

Copy and Paste the data

4. Make sure everything passes the validation.

All Rows Validated

Row Errors

Invalid data are highlighted in red.

If you have a large file, you can click the Only show rows with errors checkbox to only show the rows with invalid information or proceed to upload the rows without errors.

If there are errors, correct the data from your file and do the previous step again OR correct the data from the uploader by double-clicking the values highlighted in red.

5. Click Upload now that all rows are validated.

6. Confirm that the classrooms are created and teachers are added.

You’re all set! 🙌

Do not hesitate to reach out to our Support team at when you have questions!

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