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How do I update or sync existing ClassTag Classrooms with ClassLink?
How do I update or sync existing ClassTag Classrooms with ClassLink?
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This is the fourth step of syncing ClassLink with ClassTag. If you intend to see the high-level view of how to start syncing with ClassLink, please click here.

If you are done with the first three steps, please proceed.

Before launching the sync, please decide how you want to treat existing ClassTag classrooms that also exist on ClassLink. The options are:

  • Archive ClassTag classrooms

  • Leave ClassTag classrooms as is

  • Sync ClassTag classrooms with ClassLink classes

Archive ClassTag Classrooms

If you don't need to keep existing ClassTag classrooms active (e.g. if it's a back-to-school season and all these classrooms are not needed anymore), you may want to archive classrooms that also exist on ClassLink to make sure that after the sync creates new ClassTag classrooms, you don't have any duplicates.

You may choose to archive some or all classrooms. To learn how to archive classrooms on ClassTag, please visit this article.

If you do need to keep some of the classrooms active, please see the alternatives below.

Leave ClassTag Classrooms as Is

If you choose this option, the sync will simply create a new classroom on ClassTag for each class you’ve shared from ClassLink. This will lead to duplicate ClassTag classrooms.

Sync ClassTag Classrooms With ClassLink classes

If you choose this option, the sync will take over control of existing ClassTag classrooms.

To designate the classroom you want the sync to manage, please add an external source to it by following the steps below.

1. Go to the School Page

2. Click Settings

Please see this article to learn how to access School settings.

3. Click SIS Rostering

4. Click Classroom Connections to SIS

5. Click Add and enter the ClassLink SOURCED ID before clicking Save

Repeat the steps above in every school and for each class that you want to match with a section.


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